Authors: Paola Andrea L. Lorenzo, MD, Maria Jasmin J. Jamora, MD, FPDS


Introduction: Clear cell acanthoma is an uncommon benign epidermal tumor usually seen in the 60-80 year old age group and presenting in the lower legs. In the Philippines there has by far been one reported case of the disease (Philippine Dermatologic Society-Health Information System). We present a case of clear cell acanthoma in a Filipino female.

Case summary: A 69-year-old Filipino female presented with a 1-year history of an occasionally pruritic, non-tender erythematous nodule on her right hip. On the interim there was no change in size or characteristics of the lesion. Dermoscopy revealed a negative pigment network with linear dotted vessels (“string of pearls”). Excision biopsy was done & histopathology showed pale keratinocytes with sharp demarcation from normal epidermis. This clinched the diagnosis of Clear Cell Acanthoma.

Conclusion: Clinically the lesions may look like a spitz nevus or amelanotic melanoma. Dermoscopy is useful in diagnosing the lesion, but histopathologic examination is necessary to clinch the diagnosis. Knowledge of this lesion is important to appropriately advise our patients.





clear cell acanthoma, benign epidermal tumor, string of pearls, pale keratinocytes



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