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Authors: Uy, Veronica S, MD; Gracia B. Teodosio, MD, FPDS; Ma. Teresita G. Gabriel, MD, FPDS; Mary Catherine T. Galang, MD; Mohammad Yoga A. Waskito, MD; Johannes F. Dayrit, MD, FPDS


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Background: Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic properties and can be used as an alternative to corticosteroids for mosquito bites. No studies on VCO for mosquito bites have been published.

Objective: To compare the safety and efficacy of VCO against 1% Hydrocortisone as an anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic preparation for mosquito bites.

Method: This is a randomized, double-blind study comparing the anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic effect of VCO versus 1% Hydrocortisone on Aedes aegypti bites, by measuring the mean lesion size, subjective assessment of the effects on bites, pruritus intensity through the visual analog, and verbal rating scale in 91 subjects at baseline, 1 hour, days 1, 3, and 7.

Results: During the first hour and throughout the seven-day period, there was a decrease in the mean lesion size, visual, and verbal scale score for both VCO and Hydrocortisone groups. The mean lesion size for both groups were not statistically significant on the 1st and 24th hour. On day 3, the mean lesion size for the VCO group was 0.02 and 0.71 for the Hydrocortisone group which was statistically significant in favor of VCO. The mean visual and verbal scale scores for pruritus for both treatment groups were not statistically significant. As early as the 1st hour, the proportion of patients who reported total clearance of lesions in the VCO group was 34.09% compared to 6.38% in the Hydrocortisone group. On day 7, both treatment groups had resolution of lesions. No adverse reactions were

Conclusion: Virgin coconut oil is safe, cost-effective, and comparable to 1% Hydrocortisone as an anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic agent.



Uy V, Teodosio G, Gabriel MT, Galang MC, Waskito MY, Dayrit J. A randomized, double-blind, comparative study on the safety and efficacy of virgin coconut (Cocos nucifera l.) oil against 1% hydrocortisone lotion as an anti-inflammatory and antipruritic preparation for mosquito reactions. J Phil Dermatol Soc. 2018; 27(1): 15-24.



virgin coconut oil, mosquito bite reactions, hydrocortisone lotion

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