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Authors:Alyssa Joyce L. Cuadra, MD
Audi, MD Elizabeth Ryan, MD
Leilani R. Senador, MD, FPDS



 Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis (CRP) is a rare acquired ichthyosiform dermatosis due to aberrant keratinization which presents as persistent scaly brown papules. (1) It is usually located on the proximal part of the body such as the neck, axilla and upper trunk. The name of the disease came from the characteristic pattern of the lesions, which appear in the center as confluent and netlike in the periphery. 1 It is mostly asymptomatic and is seen in young adults. Due to the rarity of the disease it is usually misdiagnosed as tinea versicolor.





Gougerot,  Carteaud, reticulated papillomatosis

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