(Last Updated On: December 30, 2019)

Authors: Bryan Edgar K. Guevara, Yu-Chen Chen, Johanna O. Flordelis, Chao-Kai Hsu, Julia Yu-Yun Lee


Introduction: Cutaneous protothecosis usually presents as pyoderma-like lesions or infiltrating papules and plaques on the extensor side of the extremities. It can be misdiagnosed as eczema, pyoderma, or a fungal infection. Although it has been isolated from a swimming pool, sewers and rivers in the Philippines, there has been no reported case of cutaneous protothecosis in the country.

Case summary: A 78-year-old Taiwanese male farmer visited the dermatology clinic due to a six-month history of a large, pruritic erythematous plaque studded with papulopustules on his left forearm. A potassium hydroxide (KOH) examination showed negative for hyphae or spores. And a skin biopsy showed morula-like bodies, which were highlighted by the periodic acid-Schiff stain.

Conclusion: We report a case from Taiwan so Filipino dermatologists will be aware of the clinical and histopathologic manifestations and management of cutaneous protothecosis.




 Guevara BEK, Chen YC, Flordelis JO, Hsu CK, Lee JYY. Cutaneous protothecosis: a case report. J Phil Dermatol Soc 2019, 28(1), 38-41



Protothecosis, dermatopathology, tropical dermatolog

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