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Demographic and clinical profiles of adult Filipino patients with psoriasis in Davao City: A cross sectional study

Janice Natasha C. Ng, MD; Bryan Edgar G. Guevara, MD, DPDS; Victoria P. Guillano, MD, FPDS



The Psoriasis Registry (PsorReg) was created by the Psoriasis Foundation of the Philippines with the goal of assessing the true magnitude of psoriasis in Davao City.



To determine the demographic and clinical profiles of Filipino patients enrolled in PsorReg.



Cross-sectional study among adult patients enrolled in PsorReg.



A total of 131 patients were included in the study. Mean age was 43.89 ± 15.8 years old. Chronic plaque psoriasis (96.2%) was the most common clinical pattern. 63.4% had nail involvement, while 35.1% had psoriatic arthritis. BMI was normal in 51.1% of patients. Common co-morbidities were hypertension (19.1%), diabetes (10.7%), and dyslipidemia (9.2%). Most common treatment were topical medications, while biologics were the least common. 42.7%, 49.6% and 37.4% had moderate psoriasis using BSA, PASI, and PGA, respectively. Majority (47.3%) reported a large effect of psoriasis on their quality of life.



This study determined the demographic and clinical profiles of adult Filipino patients registered in PsorReg in Davao City.


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Demographic and clinical profiles of adult Filipino patients with psoriasis in Davao City: A cross sectional study