Authors: Kyla Janika M. Nerva MD, Fatima DC Jacinto-Calimag MD,  Ma. Carla C. Perlas-Pagtakhan, MD, DPDS


Introduction: Psoriasis vulgaris is a chronic, non-communicable, disabling and disfiguring inflammatory disorder. It can occur at any age; however, 30–50 % of adults with psoriasis develop the disease before 20 years of age. At eleven years old, Harry Potter and AJM found out that scars on their skin could have a profound long-term impact on their lives.

Case Summary: AJM developed round erythematous plaques on his right knee on a previous site of trauma. Similar lesions appeared on his thighs, knees, buttocks, upper extremities, trunk, and face. These were associated with pruritus and appearance of overlying thick white scales. On physical examination, there were generalized, well-defined, round to irregularly-shaped erythematous plaques topped with thick silvery white scales covering 45% BSA and PASI score 15. Auspitz sign was positive. There were no scalp lesions, nail changes, joint swellings or limitation of movement. Histopathology results were consistent with Psoriasis. Patient responded well to Clobetasol ointment + Petroleum Jelly (1:1), antihistamines, mild emollient & cleanser

Conclusion: Psoriasis affects 2.0-3.5% globally and is characterized by complex interplay of alterations in epidermal growth and differentiation from multiple biochemical, immunologic, and vascular abnormalities. Genetic studies show that HLACw6 and PSORs have been found to be associated with the disease. Prevalence is increased in females compared with males < 20 years suggesting an interaction between gender and development of the psoriasis phenotype in pediatric patients. Geographical variation in pediatric psoriasis is also observed as it is almost absent in an epidemiological study on childhood dermatoses in Asia compared to Europe. The WHO Global Report on Psoriasis found the same variation reporting 0% prevalence in Asian children, suggesting that environmental factors may play a role in genetically susceptible subjects.





psoriasis vulgaris, psoriasis, pediatric psoriasis, clobetasol

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