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JPDS: then and now

Johannes F. Dayrit, MD, FPDS


“Smart phones and social media expand our universe, we can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever”- Daniel Goleman



The first issue of the JPDS was released in September of 1992 as one of the projects of Dr. Lina Torralba as PDS president. It was envisioned as the PDS members’ venue for scientific communication and publication of researches related to dermatology. Its founding editors were Dr. Amelia L. Medina as editor in chief and Dr. Elizabeth Amelia V. Tianco as associate editor. Since 1993, the journal has been published bi-annually in May and November, respectively. Prior to the birth of the JPDS, few other journals were published by our pioneering members. These includeThe Philippine Journal of Leprosy and The Philippine Journal of Dermatology and Leprosy (edited by Dr. Perpetua Reyes-Javier), and The Philippine Journal of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (edited by Dr. Sylvia Jacinto).

Through the years, the JPDS has regularly upgraded to meet the continuing medical education needs of PDS members. The JPDS has maintained its role as one of our most powerful tools in fulfilling our vision to be the recognized and respected “dermauthority” in the country. In fact it is one of the best avenues to promote knowledge related to dermatology and skin health , through publication of our original researches and dissemination of scientific information.



The release of this November 2018 issue also marks the launch of the digitalized version of the journal. The JPDS online is a testimony to the overwhelming commitment of our President Dr. Ma. Angela Lavadia, PDSofficers and board of directors to tread new ground. This issue currently features reviews on melasma, and on complementary and alternative medicine literature published in the JPDS. Interesting case reports on genodermatoses, cutaneous infections , and connective tissue diseases are also the highlights of this issue.

Congratulations to all previous editors who laid down the foundations for the JPDS, to the PDS, the editorial staff and all colleagues who made significant contributions to this endeavor.

Just by a simple tap of your finger on a smartphone, a tablet or a click on your laptop, the JPDS will quickly be in your hands.



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JPDS: then and now