Authors: Aznaida T. Pandapatan, MD, Jolene Kristine G. Gatmaitan-Dumlao, MD, Mia Katrina R. Gervasio, MD, Belen L. Dofitas, MD, FPDS


Introduction/Background: Hansen’s Disease is a chronic granulomatous infection which primarily affects the skin and peripheral nerves. The disease is endemic in Marawi City, however recent years have seen a sharp decline in reported incidence.

Objective: To describe the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Barangay Health Workers in Marawi City regarding Leprosy or Hansen’s Disease.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted with two phases. Phase 1 is the Questionnaire Development Phase where the KAP questionnaire was formulated and administered to 6 Barangay Health Workers (BHWs). Phase 2 is the survey and focus group discussion where the final survey was done with 49 participants by convenience sampling and a Focus Group Discussion was done with 6 BHWs.

Results: Six BHW’s answered the Phase 1 validation of the questionnaire with all scoring >75%. A total of 49 BHW’s underwent the Phase 2 survey and 6 BHWs joined the FGD. The knowledge of BHWs were inadequate, only 6 (12%) passed with the score of >75%. Those with no first-hand experience in diagnosing leprosy tend to have lower attitude scores with odds ratio 16.5 and a p-value of 0.001. Those with higher educational attainment tend to have better scores in Practices with odds ratio of 0.229 and a p-value of 0.048. Those with less years of experience as BHW tend to have lower scores in practices with odds ratio of 4.017 and a p-value of 0.032. In the FGD, the BHW’s expressed lack of training and the need for refresher
courses on leprosy.

Conclusions: Knowledge about leprosy is low among Marawi BHWs due to their inadequate training. Their practices and attitudes are influenced by their insufficiency of knowledge on Hansen’s Disease. Of greater concern is the social stigma and prejudices present even among BHWs as this serves as a barrier for its eradication.





Hansen’s disease, leprosy, knowledge attitudes and practices



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