Authors:  Mabelle F. Colayco


Introduction: Neonatal acne is a common disorder occurring in infants less than 4 weeks old. It is mostly a self-limited condition, but treatment can be undertaken for unremitting cases or to hasten improvement.

Case Report: A 3-week old female infant developed oily skin, closed comedones, inflammatory papules and pustules on the face. An increase in facial shine and the spread of lesions prompted use of a cleansing regimen geared to control the oiliness and formation of comedones, papules and pustules. A commercially available foaming wash whose active ingredient is zinc coceth sulfate was chosen because of safety concerns and availability. After 9 days of use, the skin cleared.

Conclusion: With the paucity of published literature on the treatment of neonatal acne, the use of an appropriate anti-acne cleanser, such as a commercially available zinc coceth sulfate foaming wash, may be a possible remedy for this pediatric population.






neonatal acne, pediatric acne, acne neonatorum, zinc coceth sulfate

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