November 2017 Observational Studies

A validation study of the United Kingdom diagnostic criteria for atopic dermatitis in 2 to 16-year-old Filipino children

Maria Sharlene O. Pelino, MD, DPDS and Rowena Natividad S. Flores-Genuino, MD, FPDS

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, relapsing and pruritic skin disease, for which there is no specific diagnostic test. The United
Kingdom (UK) diagnostic criteria has been extensively validated but no Filipino translation is available.

Cutaneous manifestations of patients with HIV infection at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Dermatology Outpatient Department: A 10-year review

Imee P. Rajagukguk M.D., Maria Teresita Gabriel M.D. FPDS and Reynaldo Ugalde M.D. FPDS

Cutaneous manifestations are common clinical findings among HIV-positive patients and may be the first presentation of HIV disease. The causes are bacteria, viruses, fungi and other non-infectious agents. In the Philippines, data on prevalence of skin diseases in HIV and association with CD4 counts is limited.