Nov 2018 Supplemental Issue Laser Treatment

A Case of Rhinophyma in a 57-year old Male

Maria Criselda C. Valerio, MD, Patricia Anne Nicole Ramirez-Ecarma, MD, Vilma O. Pelino, MD, FPDS, Milali T. Torres, MD, FPDS, Dee Jay B. Arcega, MD, FPDS

Rhinophyma is a slowly progressive enlargement of the nose with irregular thickening of the skin and nodular deformation. This reflects the hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands in nasal skin. It occurs almost exclusively in middle-aged to elderly Caucasian men with a male predominance of 5:1. Exact pathogenesis remains unknown.

Spearheading Available Treatment Options for a 17 Year Old Filipino Female with Lymphangioma

Katrina Kashmyr B. Kua, MD, Ma. Angela M. Lavadia, MD, FPDS, MD, FPDS, Elizabeth P. Prieto, MD, FPDS , Vilma O. Pelino, MD,FPDS, Lyralin L. Tumalad, MD, DPDS

Lymphatic malformations (LMs) are due to hyperplasia of the lymphatics. Lesions appear just after birth and expand with the growth of the patient. Although many cases are asymptomatic, cosmetic concerns and complications such as fluid leakage and secondary infection causes patient discomfort and embarrassment. Surgical excision is often considered first-line treatment. But after destructive measures, lymphangioma has a tendency toward recurrence. Thus, more palliative treatment options have been tried.

Bowen Disease: A Case Report

Cynthia Angela Karim, MD, Elisabeth Ryan, MD, Reynaldo L. Ugalde, MD, FPDS

Bowen’s disease (BD) is generally regarded as a premalignant dermatosis. If untreated, 3% to 5% of patients may develop invasive carcinoma, which is capable of metastasizing and may even cause death. Clinically, the lesions of BD present as a scaly, slightly elevated, erythematous plaque with surface fissures and foci of pigmentation.