Nov 2018 Supplemental Issue Non-Experimental

Impact of allergen avoidance on the quality of life among patch test positive patients with allergic contact dermatitis in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines

Mark Gerald R. Serrano, MD, Lillian Lopez – Villafuerte, MD, FPDS, Melanie Joy Doria – Ruiz, MD, DPDS

Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) is known to impair quality of life (QoL). Thus, appropriate allergen identification and avoidance are vital to its management.

Quality of life of Bullous Pemphigoid patients and its association with disease severity: A 3-year single hospital study

Eunice Kaye M. Rayos-Lopez, MD, Roy Lawrence S. Paredes, MD, Carminda J. Pineda-Rogacion, MD, Carmela Jane C. Luis, MD, Clarisse G. Mendoza, MD, FPDS, Ma. Teresita G. Gabriel, MD, FPDS

Bullous Pemphigoid (BP) is a rare disease characterized by autoantibodies directed against BP180 and BP230. For BP patients, disease severity may have an impact on quality of life (QOL).

Self-medication Practices using Topical Agents: A Cross-sectional Study among Patients at the Dermatology Out-patient Clinic of St. Luke’s Medical Center-Quezon City

Jarische Frances S. Lao, MD, Emmerson G. Vista, MD, FPDS

Self-medication is a common practice in developing countries like the Philippines but often underreported. In particular, there are limited studies regarding the practice of topical self-medication in the Filipino local community.