(Last Updated On: December 1, 2021)

Rahina H. Galvez, MD, DPDS,
Ma. Jasmin J. Jamora, MD, FPDS,
Janice C. Caoili, MD


BACKGROUND : With the recent rise in number of HIV/AIDS patients in the Philippines, knowledge of the most common mucosal and cutaneous findings among HIV/AIDS patients can be a valuable tool of assessment.

OBJECTIVES : To determine the different mucosal and cutaneous disease findings of HIV/AIDS patients; evaluate their frequency and association with the latest CD4 cell counts, and to determine patients’ demographic and medical profiles.

METHODS : This is a cross-sectional study done at a tertiary hospital in Makati city from January 2017 to September 2018. Walk-in patients or those referred by Infectious Disease specialists were evaluated using a standardized history and physical examination form. Latest CD4 counts were also obtained.

RESULTS : A total of 93 patients were enrolled. Majority were males (98%), with a mean age of 32 +/- 7.08, employed (64%), and on HAART (87%). A large part of the group (45%) has severe immunosuppression (CD4 counts <200/mm3). The most common manifestations were the following: non-infective, fungal, and drug-related dermatoses, with the most common dermatoses being seborrheic dermatitis, xerosis, pruritic papular eruptions (PPE), superficial fungal infections, drug hypersensitivity reactions, and syphilis. PPE was noted to be significantly associated with low CD4 counts.

CONCLUSION : Due to small population size, significant associations between the other dermatoses with their CD4 counts were not seen except for PPE, which was significantly associated with CD4 counts <200/mm3. Nevertheless, a strong suspicion for any underlying HIV//AIDS infection is still warranted in the presence of these dermatoses.

KEYWORDS : HIV, AIDS, CD4 cell count

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