Authors: Kun A. Yunanto, Nurelly N. Waspodo, Farida Tabri, Faridha Ilyas, Sri Rimayani


Introduction: Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease with complex interplay between genetic and environment factors. Psoriasis in children is very rare, it needs more attention and good handling because it may affect the quality of life of children both physically and psychologically. Increasing epidemiological evidence suggests that patients with psoriasis may be more obese compared with the general population. The exact mechanism underlying the association between psoriasis and obesity is uncertain. However it was theorized that adipocyte elaboration of pro-inflammatory cytokines may exacerbate psoriasis.

Case Summary: Here we report a case of a 6 year-old obese boy (BMI: 26,46) who has been suffering chronic psoriasis vulgaris for 3 years. The rashes appeared on the skin of the abdomen, and then spread to the buttocks, back and both the upper and lower limbs. The patient has been treated with cetirizine syrup 5mg once daily and mometasone furoate cream. He also got urea 10% cream. These medications provide temporal relief, as the lesions flared up once the medication was stopped.

Conclusion: This case is presented for its rarity of chronic psoriasis vulgaris in childhood, where obese is likely to contribute as the modifying factor. Recommendation for weight loss in obese patients with psoriasis may be beneficial in both obesity-associated comorbidities and possibly their psoriasis severity.





children, obese, psoriasis

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